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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1099 or w2 which is better for employee

Instructions and Help about 1099 or w2 which is better for employee

I'm here with Dijon from out isn't telling you guys have had thousands of jobs run through your company over the last 2021 years right right tell me about some of the sort of legal stuff I need to know what is for a start a 1099 a 10-9 is somebody that's at the end of the year gets a 1099 from the company that they worked for meaning that they're truly an independent contractor and there are no taxes being taken out of the check that is being sent to you okay that sounds good I like to know taxes power right again I'm fresh to this country I'm not clear on a 1099 versus a w-2 what is a w-2 and how is it different or is it the same thing well the w-2 is your there's someone that it's your record employer so if you work for someone let's say you are nine to five person you're gonna get a w-2 at the end of the year from your employer okay as a freelancer though you can also receive a w-2 depending on your relationship with your client okay cool so once more so freelance and once more so full-time yeah and the w2 is when taxes are taken out of your out of the paycheck okay so how do I know if I'm a 1099 employee how do I know if I need a 1099 form well if you don't know what a 1099 is you really shouldn't go down that path so however it to become it to get receive a 1099 from a company you truly want to be be an independent contractor meaning that you do have your own business you have your own clients and you're not really relying on one particular client to give you the income for your year okay I've heard something like it's sort of like the 8020 rule if you get 80 percent of your income from one person then you'll kind of think of yourself as an employee it is a gray area and you need to be careful not only for yourself but for the company that's hiring you can put them in a difficult situation so let's say I'm a freelance contractor yeah and I'm working as a graphic designer or a copywriter or what have you I know I have to have an agreement or a contract sure with whoever my client is what are some of the things I should make sure in my freelance contract okay so if you want to make sure that you're an independent contractor I'd say with your client you want to be you want to make sure that you actually do have an FBI n number looks at federal tax ID number okay and it just and or if you can create yourself as an LLC that makes it much easier for a company to work with you as an independent contractor okay that's very.